While driving out in the country early Saturday morning  I saw a lot of twists and turns, a lot of lefts and rights.  I tried to follow the directions to the particular house I was searching for,  but still got turned around somehow. There were many houses to see.  There were brick houses, wooden houses, houses covered with vinyl siding,  and trailer houses. There were big houses, little houses,  still littler houses, and enormous houses. 
Now the big houses weren't in one area, and the little houses in another. The brick and wooden houses set side by side. Beside huge mansions were modest mobile homes.  As I drove I once again thought a thought I had thought many times before. What do the people who have the mansions have that mobile home people don't?  Well first of all, obviously mansions and most likely money, but why is it that all don't have?
I thought of the so-called haves and the have nots, side by side, co-existing peacefully so it seems.
When I am looking at houses when I am driving, or riding I often wonder what is inside. I have sometimes thought what if I went and knocked on their door and asked, "Hey do you mind if I come in and look around?"  Of course that is just a thought. I am sure most people would call 911 and tell them a crazy person was trying to break in their home, well, maybe not "break-in." What would you call that? Maybe the charge would be "asking to enter a premises" that you do not have access to.
In the end, I did find the house I was looking for that I was granted access to and all was well.
Tonight I sit and think of that house, all that was inside, and all that wasn't. It was beautiful on the outside but on the inside empty for the most part. It sat ready to be occupied by a family who would hopefully fill it with joy and love.  I knew all things that look beautiful aren't always filled with beautiful things and some things that process no outward beauty are filled with incomparable beauty.
You see around the curve from the beautiful house was a small rusty ten- wide mobile home. The yard was neat and clean. Flowers were planted all around.  I wondered what was inside this small little home.  As I slowed down to look,  it was if God spoke to me and said, " They have as much or more beauty here in this small metal space as in the house of brick that you just left. They are blessed."
In this world, people are often categorized as haves and have nots.  Some think the haves have it all and the have nots have nothing.  Haves and have nots have a lot more in common than many think.  All have struggles that money can't solve, whether they have any or not.  All have a deep longing to be filled with a beauty that money can't buy. 
God is that filler.  Only He can fill our hunger and desires we have deep within our hearts. He has what we are in search of. Many get turned around with the many twists and turns of this life, but God is waiting for all to find their way to Him.   When we allow Him in our lives, God grants us access to everything we could ever need. 
And the why question about some having and some not having... Why is that?   I don't know why, but I do know this: Those people in the small houses, and those people in the large houses, do you know what God calls them all?
These prophets, along with the covenant God made with your ancestors, are your family tree. God's covenant-word to Abraham provides the text: "By your offspring, all the families of the earth will be blessed. Acts 3:25 THE MESSAGE