What will be remembered about my life here on earth?
Did I leave the next generation anything of worth?
   Did I live just to gather material things?
What did my existence to others mean?

Was I selfish, foolish, cruel, or smart?
Did I leave anything good that will remain forever in someone's heart?
"A Good Reputation at the time of death,
  Is better than loving care at the time of birth."
Which lets us know that living a good life to God is of a valued worth.

For it is said in the Word,
Naked we came, and naked we will leave.
Did I work hard just to show man the worldly goals I achieved?
On that great judgment
when I stand before the throne,
Will He say "Depart from me" or will He say, "Welcome home."

The works I've done sometimes seem small,
But when my Heavenly Father makes the final call,
There is a separation of the right from the wrong that will take place.
My works will be over, I  will have finished this race.

 The earth will disappear with the sun.
Will my Father welcome me home saying."Servant Work Well Done"

 by Brenda Ware