Who Dat?


Today I had a discussion with someone about what-ifs. Who would I have married if I hadn't married my husband 34 years ago?  The person asking the question was my husband and I, of course, gave the proper answer.  You know the same kind of proper answers men have to give when wives ask if they think another woman is pretty or if a dress makes them look fat. 


My answer wasn't' no one because I don't know if that would have been true or not. As a matter of fact, that was my answer, "I don't know." I don't have a magic wand or a time machine to jump back in time, hit the erase button, then the fast forward one to see what or who might have happened next.



Truth is we are simply human and can't know for sure what might have been. We cannot forsee the future and we can't see how possible changes to the past that are totally impossible could have changed our present.  We must simply strive to live each day one day at a time to the fullest. Time spent regretting, or second-guessing, or what ifing is simply time wasted.
God has a way of guiding our steps, even if we make a miss-step along the way, I believe He has a way of going back to the drawing board and reformulating His perfect plan for each life right where we are in this present moment.
No matter how old we are, where we are, or how far we have drifted away.  God is always available to guide us to a life of peace as we follow after Him and His will each day.   He loves us and desires that we find His joy.     
There is an old song by The Who? Oh, who is dat? They are the rock band from way back when I was very young and they were much younger also. They of course performed at this year's Super Bowl. Seeing them so much older now, made me think of one of their old songs from long ago.
Blue, Red, and Gray
Some people seem so obsessed with the morning
Get up early just to watch the sunrise
Some people like it more when there's a fire in the sky
Worship the sun when it's high

Some people go for those sultry evenings
Sipping sweet tea in the blue, red, and grey
But I like every minute of the day

I like every second
So long as you are on my mind
Every moment has its special charm
It's all right when you're around, rain or shine

I know a crowd who only lives after midnight
Their faces always seem so pale
And then there's friends of mine who must have sunlight
They say a suntan never fails

I know I was a man who works the night shift
He's lucky to get a job and some pay
And I like every minute of the day

I dig every second
I can laugh in the snow and rain
I get a buzz from being cold and wet
The pleasure seems to balance out the pain

And so you see that I'm completely crazy
I even shun the south of France
The people on my hill they say I'm lazy
But when they sleep I sing and dance

Some people have to have the sultry evenings
Sipping sweet tea in the blue, red and grey
But I like every minute of the day
I like every minute, of the day.
I think even though this song isn't perfect, (I changed a few words that might have offended) it does have a good message worth sharing. I believe God intends for us to love every second of the day.   We should be happy with our loved ones, our friends and our family and keep God on our mind always.  We should be singing and dancing not what ifing. Who dat?  Everyone.
After this question without an answer, my husband asked me, I found another question from someone's husband on my computer, actually, it was a request, a prayer request.

Also, I have this other request for you to pray about, as my wife Essie Miller who has been my wife
for 61 years and been a great house-wife in keeping the Home, raising two daughters with
character, and is careful in money matters as well.
 She has congestive heart failure, with fluid in her lungs as well as her feet and legs.
 Her swelling in her feet and legs has gone down, and thank God.
 She has been recommended to see a Lung Doctor to help the fluid in them.
 She is a great help to me, and I ask for your prayers.
 In the Love of God's Word, Bro. Nathan Miller.
I couldn't help but cry as I read this request.  Sixty-one years is certainly a long time.  Essie and Nathan have had a very long past together which has brought them to this present moment. Have they ever what ifed? I don't' know, but  I  do believe they have had many days in those sixty-one years that they loved every second of. May we all appreciate every day that God gives us.
Happy Valentine's Day