Is Your Refrigerator Running?
If so why are you buying brains in cans?
Answering the phone at the grocery store where I work is a fun experience usually.  Of course, there is the occasional complainer about ruined chicken and expired milk, but most of the complainers usually complain in a nice way. I just tell them to bring the receipt for the chicken, (not the ruined chicken please), and tell them to bring the empty (hopefully rinsed out) container for the milk exchange.  The number one call we get is, "Are y'all open?"  I always want to say, "No, the people who own this store leave me in here to answer the phone 24 hours a day,  just 'cause they know  I like answering the phone." Use your brain people! But of course, I just say, "Yes we are open until 9."
Last Saturday while I was there until 9 checking and answering the phone too, I got a memorable call.
When I asked how I might help the caller, I was asked, "Do y'all sell brains in cans?"
The question caught me off guard because it was not one I was expecting.  I began laughing. I told the caller I was sorry, but it reminded me of prank phone calls I made when I was a kid.  I used to call people and ask them was their refrigerator running. If they answered yes, I would tell them to run and catch it.   I then asked the caller, "Is your refrigerator running?" The lady laughed, and said, "Yes it is, but I still need some brains in a can." 
I told her to hold on, went and checked and joyfully we did have brains in a can. 
I continued to think about brains in a can and prank phone calls long after the caller hung up.
 I remembered my father buying brains in a can and cooking them with scrambled eggs when I was a little girl. I, of course, used the brain that God gave me and never tasted them.  However, I didn't use that brain when I called random numbers and asked if refrigerators were running.  
Ah, all the childhood memories that are stored in this brain of mine. 
Remember God gave us all a brain, we should remember to use them well. Sometimes we seem to forget that we have all we need to accomplish the task at hand.  Our brains are running and ready to fulfill their God-given purpose. 
Also, why do we waste our time storing things in our brains that don't require storage?
It is time to let go of things that ruined happy days and all those memories that we should have allowed to expire long, long ago.
Is your refrigerator running? Yes?  Good, you have all you need to keep things cool and fresh.
Do you have any brains in a can?  No?  Good use the one you have in your head.