Faith Falling, Hope Slipping,  Healing Heading Out the Door

but then... God Smiles


Last week was a bit of a discouraging week for some of us.  I had some health issues resurfacing from the past and had the ones from the present make their presence known in a very real way. By Friday night I was so down and out from the pain and the worry; I gave in and cried for awhile.  As most of you know, I was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm two and a half years ago.  Since then I have prayed and prayed. People have prayed and prayed. I have believed and believed that it is gone in Jesus name.  But the devil isn't wanting to let go of this one without a fight it seems.  Symptoms come and go. On the days they come I follow a simple plan. I declare that this thing isn't.  I remind God of all the promises I have from Him.  I pray and pray and pray some more.  But then when the pain doesn't stop and when people say, "You better get to the doctor and see about this before you die."  And when the devil whispers in my ear .. "You are going to die tonight"  I give in and go for another CT or MRI and just know I am going to hear that there is absolutely nothing in my head... Well at least nothing in my head that shouldn't be there.   However, I have not yet heard the words that I truly believe are going to be spoken to me. 

Sunday I heard of another story much like mine, but this story had ended.  A lady I go to church with was told that the 3.8 aneurysm that was in her brain was no more.  I once again had renewed hope until the devil started whispering in not one, but both of my ears and right up in the church of all places! The nerve of that slimy ole snake!

 He told me mine would not disappear. If God were going to heal me, He would have already done so.  He told me my faith wasn't strong enough. I wasn't good enough. I was hopeless and helpless and I was surely going to die.

I felt hope slipping. I felt faith failing. I saw healing heading out the door.  

But then..... GOD.

My pastor preached a sermon that reminded me of the power within me through my healer, Jesus Christ.  And if that wasn't enough to convince me... This morning,  my friend Brenda sent me this poem that lifted my spirit and my faith higher still.  The words remind me once again that satan is a liar and that I am blessed. God has smiled on me.




Life is hard people don't care for one another.

Whatever happened to, “I am the keeper of my brother?”

All of my money’s gone, but my needs are so great.

Lord, now more than ever I must keep the faith.

The enemy keeps speaking his lies inside my head -

Telling me, “You're better off dead.”

“You've tried all of your life to be happy and free

Just accept the fact that it will never be.”

Since I know he’s the father of Lies,

I will keep walking and striving for the high prize.

I may never have riches untold.

It really doesn't matter - JESUS, You're the Lover of My Soul.

You show me in so many ways

That You're always with me; You're The Ancient of Days.

So satan you can keep lying; that’s what you’re supposed to do.

When my Lord comes back once and for all, it'll be to hell with you!

I will keep resisting you - then the word says you will flee.

You will never make me believe that God has not smiled on me.

Author: Brenda Ware

Written August 19, 2010