My friend’s last job was at Starbucks, 
but he quit because it was always the same old grind.


Every Christian is to become a little Christ. the
whole purpose of becoming a Christian is
simply nothing else. Read John 14


Which Rule is That?
Last weekend it was back to the same old grind at the grocery store where I work.
I  had been sick all week and really didn't feel like going in Friday at 4, but did go in, clock in, log in on the register and begin another night of what I assumed would be just another night of checking the same old chicken and peas, cereal and potatoes. However,  Pepsi 12 packs were on sale; there was a new name added to the "do not take this check" list and there was a new bulb in the number three lamp beckoning buggies to pull in to my line. So, there was hope for newness.
I am the oldest person who works at night. The rest are mostly high school and college kids.  Fortunately, they are all mostly really good Christian kids.  The night manager is a  young Baptist minister and there are two young men who bag groceries who are totally sold out to Christ Often when we aren't busy Brother Andy and I discuss scripture and ideas for Sunday sermons that God has given him.   I have an electronic Bible I carry with me and we often search for verses.  I tell you all this so you will understand what was happening when something extraordinary happened on this not the same old grind day at work.
On register one, a young lady checker and Drew, one of the sold-out to Jesus sackers were also having a conversation while it was slow.  It seems a pretty young female customer had come through the line and Drew had noticed.  The checker who is not a Christian went in to attack mode on Drew's Christianity.  This young man wise beyond his years explained to her the difference in looking and lusting.  The conversation went on and the checker asked why was that wrong. Drew explained.  She then asked, "What rule is that you know,  I mean in the Bible?'    He looked at me smiled, got his Bible out from under the counter and said, "You mean the Ten Commandments?'  She said, "Yeah those."  Drew showed her.  She said, "I try to be good, I don't do most of the really bad ones, but I don't know a lot about the Bible."  Drew told her no one is good. He told her about Jesus and why He came.  Drew was doing just fine on his own, but looked at me and asked for my input.
I simply told her that no we are not good, but we have found forgiveness through Jesus Christ for all the bad things and strength through Him to resist them daily.
I added and the Bible is basically this,  life is short, hell is real, and eternity is forever. 
Drew looked at me and asked, "Did you go to the revival at my church last week?"
I, of course, had not. He said that was the exact title of the series of messages the evangelist had brought at the revival. 
To end the story I would love to tell you that the young checker who began by attacking Christianity went on to accept Jesus as her Savior right then and there, but it didn't end like that. Actually, after the conversation, there was a big rush of buggies with chicken and peas, cereal and potatoes, and of course Pepsis which were on sale. 
We all worked hard, got it all done, clocked out and went home.
To end this story I will say I believe a seed was planted in the young girl's heart who sincerely knew little about the Bible.  I believe she has thought of that conversation many times this week.  I believe God slowed the customers from coming, had His Word there available, had someone, that is two or three there to share it and to agree as we touched one thing.  The one thing we touched that night  I believe was Lindsey's heart. 
God is truly everywhere.  He gives us opportunities to share the love of Christ even on ordinary same ole grind days. There is always hope for newness to come into someone's life.  Don't ever give up and quit.  Always be ready to share your faith when the opportunity arises.