Commercials for a lot of products seem to be a little longer these days, actually a lot longer.  Have you noticed how about the last half of commercials for medications consist mostly of warnings? Whatever good the first half of the ad convinces you that the medicine could do for you is killed by all the warnings of all the possible side effects in the latter half.  I know this is to cut down on possible law suits, but the warnings surely drive a lot of people away from buying the products. The good seems to be overshadowed by the bad.  People who have found hope of finally relieving some symptom or pain of a disease or condition, have the hope squashed by the naysayers.  Fear kills hope.
The other day I was checking on a drug online, what it was usually given for, and of course, there was the list of side effects. At the end of the page was a place for comments.  People were writing of how much longer it would be until the class action case was going to be settled for all the negative things this drug had caused in their lives.  They wanted compensation for their pain and suffering.  Some thought those who took the drug should realize the drug was intended to help not harm and this was wrong. Some even doubted any harm had been done and suggested those claiming wrongdoing should grow up and stop causing drug prices to go up for people who are grown up. Everyone had an opinion, but no one had an answer as to how to take away the hurt and confusion.
Today I wonder how many of us know someone searching for answers. How many are searching for hope? The world simply wants to find some relief for the pain and hurt.  Many are confused and turn to things that they have been clearly warned about. The promised relief is so enticing that they partake anyway.  How many Christians are advertising the True Answer to the world as we should be?  Jesus is the answer to all things.  We know the good He does but often back down because a politically correct society is warning us against using the name of Jesus Christ freely.  We allow bad to rule over good because of a fear we have that is killing hope. 
There is an old slogan I remember from when I was a teenager. It said, "We are the people your mama warned you against."  I don't know who "we" were, but the warning didn't stop people from following after them I am sure.  Today the world is warned against Christians.  There is a message of hope we have to share with the world, but the warning labels placed on us by naysayers attempt to squash our efforts to pass the Truth on to those who are searching for an answer.  We fear what others will say when we speak of Jesus whom they need to follow. Our fear kills their chance of finding hope.
We must with patience continue to air our "commercials" to the world.  Christians are walking billboards who many may have been warned against. Let's show them the love of Christ yet still warn them of a very real side effect (hell) for all those who don't accept Jesus.  May we each patiently continue speaking the Truth to lost, unruly men without fear. 
Now we exhort you, brethren, warn them that are unruly, comfort the feebleminded, support the weak, be patient toward all men.
I Thessalonians 5:14