Words Changing Lives


    This Friday the pastor at my church will turn fifty years old. Sunday night we had the church-wide celebration for this big event in his life. It was a very special evening and a great time was had by all I believe.  I listened as friends and family got up to tell stories of funny and special moments throughout Pastor's first fifty years.   If anyone might have been there who didn't know Tommy Galloway I believe through the words spoken everyone in the room realized this man of God is loved and appreciated.  

    I  had already had my mind set on words before I came to the celebration, not just words, but words I had heard Pastor speak in the past eleven years. The words he speaks change so many lives, my life being one of those lives his words have changed.  He has the God-given ability to use God's Word well.

     One of my favorite verses is  Jeremiah 15:19 from the Message: This is how GOD answered me: "Take back those words, and I'll take you back. Then you'll stand tall before me. Use words truly and well. Don't stoop to cheap whining. Then, but only then, you'll speak for me. Let your words change them. Don't change your words to suit them. 

    I admit today is a day I really feel like doing a little whining, but as I began to write this and read this verse for myself, I know whining is really a great waste of words that God has given me the ability to use truly and well. 

     I am so thankful for the Word my pastor has spoken into my life. On trying days I remember the Word of God that is hidden in my heart, much of which was planted by my pastor. I wrote the poem below which showcases a few of the words Tommy Galloway has spoken that will be forever in my heart and in my mind. Some are words which make up funny little quotes. Some are words from God's Word. Some are words of wisdom from Pastor.  All the words come together nicely in a montage of memories that make me smile.

     I hope you do that today as well... smile that is. Remember, use your words truly and well. Don't waste your words whining. Your words can change lives for the better. Your words can bring smiles instead of frowns, good instead of bad, salvation instead of damnation. 


Fifty Famous Lines (or more)

From Young Pastor Tommy Galloway


Your Failures aren't final; you are not a mistake.

Yes, I believe in handling snakes with a shotgun, hoe, or rake. 

God qualifies and equips those who He calls. 

Be careful what you pray for, you might get it all. 


God doesn't intend for us to compete. 

But He does intend for us to complete. 

When you are a tall 5'9" young man like me...

Can I keep my glasses off and preach? 


God died for this church, I don't have to.

I want all God has; Yes, I do. 

If you have it say amen...Yo'nt to? 

Hallelujah if that's what the Bible says, then it's true. 


I was raised Pentecostal, let me make that clear. 

Houston we have a problem...but I'm almost there. 

If God said it, then that settles it. 

Hey, it's not twelve, I'm not quitting yet. 


I said I do, I did, I'm done when I took a wife. 

You must have balance in your life.  

Is that in my notes? 

Mmmmm...well, well...

Yes, that is a quote.  


In the name of Jesus, I baptize. 

God uses foolish worldly things to confound the wise. 

Let me take my glasses off and not look around. 

Is that a cell phone making that sound? 


Anything with more than one head is a freak. 

I'll tell you what!

God, let me turn the other cheek. 

By one Spirit are we all...

God picks up all who fall. 


God gave us one mouth and two ears for a reason.

This is our day this is our season!

If you hear, "I wouldn't say anything, but..." You better butt out. 

It really doesn't do us any good to sit, sour, sulk and pout. 


I once said, God, I'm losing my mind. 

God said, Good that's fine.

You really should have mine. 

Oh, I've got to hurry look at the time. 


I found a test can be your testimony,

Not your defeat. 

Come on early and get a good back seat. 

It's just a joke folks,

You'll get that next week. 


To whom much is given, much is required. 

Too many Christians these days are just too tired. 

The cup of trembling from your hand God will take. 

Remember, God is mightier than your biggest mistake. 



By Judy Parker